Partex leads the world in industrial marking systems.
We manufacture products for the identification of wires, cables, pipes, and components. From the individual electrician to the world’s largest companies, our unique marking systems contribute towards increased efficiency and higher safety levels.

Our product ranges also include cable ties, heat shrinkable tubes, cable lugs, and glands.


We are very proud of our company's dynamic development and how we invest in the future, in new technologies and environmentally friendly solutions. In addition to our world-leading range of identification solutions, we also offer an extensive range of cable ties, terminations, tooling, and cable management products. Partex consists of a parent company and several subsidiaries. However we want to be known as one organization rather than as several separate companies, We want the family culture and atmosphere of the parent company Partex Gullspang in Sweden, to permeate the entire group, creating one big family. On the following pages, we invite you to familiarise yourself with our company and our products. If you require a copy of our identification products catalog, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Partex offers a complete range of marking products. We have over 60 years’ experience in development and manufacturing that has given us unique expertise and knowledge in the field.

Why Choose Partex?


In order to ensure that our products have a high and consistent quality, they are subjected to numerous tests at the National Institute for Research and Testing in Sweden. Detailed research and stringent tests are carried out, such as the impact of mold, rust, fire, extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and various chemicals. Below is a list of tests.





according to UL94


Low temperature

markers are kept at -30° C for 4 hours. Checking cracks, fractures, and similar damage. In addition, the ease of assembly is checked.


High temperature

markers kept at a temperature of 70° C for 1 hour. If the material has passed the test, the test is repeated at a higher temperature.


Aging resistance

accelerated thermal aging, corresponding to the use of material through 30 years at 20° C. Checking cracks, fractures, and similar damage. (Up to 50% reduction in elongation before fracture). In addition, the possibility of assembly is checked.


UV resistance

accelerated UV-test, corresponding to ISO 4892-2. Exposing the material to sunlight for a period that equals one year in southern Sweden. Checking for fading, changes in color and readability of the print.


Resistance to abrasion (text)

in accordance with Method 2172 Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (machine abrasive). Using a load of 75 g per millimeter


Chemical resistance

mounted markers are immersed in the chemical agent at a temperature of 23°C - 2 C, left for 2 hours, and then checked for functionality, durability, color and clarity of printing. Chemicals used: synthetic diesel fuel, sulfuric acid (25%), cleaning agent (Berol 226, 10%), distilled water, sea water (5% NaCl), transformer oil (Nytro 10X) and Ethanol (95%).


Dielectric resistance

in accordance with IEC 93


Ozone resistance

the test samples are extended by 33% and exposed to ozone to 100 ± 5 pphm at 65° C to -2°C for 192 hours

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Marking increases safety reduces wasted time in manufacturing and production stoppages. Furthermore, marking simplifies maintenance and reduces costs for service, production loss, fault identification, repairs, and exchange of electrical equipment.