66,000 MT of CO2

1MW Datacenter with Air

1MW Datacenter with Immersion

36,000 MT of CO2

Carbon Emissions from Computing







Submer is an idea born in 2015 from two brilliant and original minds, Daniel Pope and Pol Valls, to make operating and constructing data centers more sustainable and efficient. That idea still remains to this day, as the main driver of the Company:
"We enable next-generation cooling and automation for data & energy-intense environments by integrating our pristine, highly-efficient & sustainable technologies. Solving the challenges of today and powering the use cases of the future."
Submer helps enable datacenters that make sense through products, platforms, APIs, processes, and installations that will move hyperscalers, colocation, and huge industries to new levels of efficiency and innovation.

Our products

SmartDC Vision

Clean tier IV DC power generated locally
thanks to a green microgrid or local generation.

Immersion cooled, automated and self-healing data center running on pure DC all the way to compute as a service.

1.Unprecedented facility PUE <1.03
2.Zero water consumption.
3.99% of heat available for reuse in the form of hot water.
4.Anywhere on the Globe.


Local Community

Warm water is the SmartDC by-product that can easily be sold to local communities.




Some of our deployments

We believe that our digital world can be more efficient, cost-effective,
environmentally friendly and safer.

Submer SmartPod

Having a server-like Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) allows to the operation of the cooling components with ease as if it were just another piece of IT HW. At any scale and at any location.

SmartPod XL

Maximum power consumption (W) 750W Mechanical Power Usage Effectiveness 1.015


First OCP Compatible Immersion Cooling Solution.

1.Launched March 2019 at OCP Global Summit. 2.Accommodates 21” and/or 19” HW.

3.21 and 42OU configurations.

4.100kW heat dissipation with warm water.

Different types of liquid cooling

Direct-to-Chip Cold-Plate cooling

1.Can lead to vendor lock-in
2.Requires both air and water cooling

1.Simple and safe to handle

2.Lower TCO

3. Low Complexity

Submer’s Single-phase Immersion Cooling

1.Expensive (~$90/kg)

2. Not Environmentally Friendly

3.Medium Complexity

Two-phase Immersion Cooling

What can go in the tank

- Any server vendor.
- Any solid-state storage vendor.
- Networking (copper, single-mode, some multi-mode).
- Power supplies.
- Battery backup.
- Anything else.

What can be immersed:

How can it be immersed:

1.Remove or disable the fan.

2.Cancel the alert.

3. Dunk in the tank.

Our Main Added Value

Submer’s In-House Developed Synthetic Fluid.


Highest Quality & Economic

1.Fully Compatible with IT components.
4. Lifespan: 15 years.

Protect your IT investment

1.Barrier against dust & moisture.
2.Thermal uniformity.
3. Sealed environment.
4.No moving parts.

Safe for humans & the environment

2.Certified Biodegradable and food-grade.