Uludag klima


As Uludag Klima, we are proud to be the first and only domestic manufacturer in the enclosure cabinet cooler-producing industry in Turkey. Our company related to air conditioner manufacturing business since 1998, started to mass production in the year 2000. Since then our manufacturing capacity developed increasingly year by year. Today most of the large-scale industrial establishments’ electrical panels are being conditioned by Uludag Klima products. Uludag Klima increases client potential every day with solutions based on customer-focused quality understanding. Our manufacturing facility is deployed at Bursa Organised Zone. Beyond our major product, enclosure cabinet coolers, we are increasing our product range such as elevator coolers, Mobese coolers which are used for security systems, unique cooling solutions for outdoor advertising, and packing coolers. Besides enclosure cabinet coolers, our annual production capacity is more than 5.000 units including specially manufactured coolers for different sectors. Our company undertakes the sense of being trusted leadership duty by manufacturing products based on client satisfaction principal. Uludag Klima became a contributor to the national economy by exporting in 2007 in addition to local market sales. Today our products are working with our pride in a lot of countries such as Germany, Iran, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, and Azerbaijan


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